My Work As An Educator

"The position of the artist is humble.  He is essentially a channel."  -Piet Mondrian

I firmly believe in helping people discover meaning, purpose, and relevance in art and the process of making by highlighting their intrinsic connections to any aspect of life. 

When it comes to teaching, I like to keep the phrase “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” at the forefront. This simply means that other disciplines, pop culture, and current events are open to appropriation as a compliment to the themes and techniques we will explore in art. Rather than viewing the Arts as an ancient island of isolation for a select few, I want to help people feel comfortable using the lenses of personal, social, and historical experiences to build connections between what they think, see, and make. I also have a particular specialty in making contemporary art digestible for those who find it weird and uncomfortable to engage with. 

As an extension of this philosophy I have shared the power of art in a variety of settings. Thus far, I have cultivated programming at summer camps, public schools, college campuses, museums, galleries, and non-profit settings like libraries and community centers. I have also been featured as a speaker for numerous conferences and panels around issues of social justice in regards to art, education, and museums. 

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