SHARE SOME HOPE: Community Survey #2

Despite all of the windy weather, the table didn't blow away and there was another opportunity for community members to come and share some hope with me. Because we were out on the BCA Plaza on Sunday morning as opposed a Friday night like the previous community survey, we were catching a lot of the brunch crowd in the South End. It was another great day filled with open minds, poignant reflection, and a few shared smiles.

This time around, because it was pride week and the night club massacre had just happened, people who came to the table seemed to carry that with them. Along with the discussions we had about what hope was, came more talk about fear and all of the ways in which people felt hopeless and helpless. My overall impression of the day brought me back to thinking about how things happening in our society and communities tend to act as a catalyst or deterrent for the growth and strength of hope.