No Posing: Meet Angie

One of the awesome things about getting chosen as an artist for this commission was getting to amplify positive things about Mattapan by spending time with and talking to the people who live there. For the research part of my practice, I got a tour of Mattapan from the youth at The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) housed at Mattapan Community Health Center. Plus, every Mattapan resident who volunteered to be a model for the artwork allowed me to interview them. The images below are photographs I took as reference for the artwork.... and I'd also like to think of them as byproducts of good conversation. 

*All photographs are taken by Chanel Thervil, unless otherwise noted.

Meet Angie: One of the seven Mattapan residents featured in the artwork. 

CT: What would you like to see more of in Mattapan?

Angie: "I would like to see Mattapan with more color! Art, unique stores.... just more attractions."

CT: How has living in Mattapan effected you?

Angie: "Mattapan has become my second chance at having a place to call home. Mattapan has shown me to be more accepting, and that my neighborhood and the people in it, are very close and caring."

Stay tuned for a peak at more of the community members who modeled for the portraits coming soon!