Helping Hands

I was super excited to have some of the youth from Mattapan's Violence Intervention Program (VIP) stop by the studio. Our first order of business was picking the color palette and choosing brushes

*All photos included in this blog post were taken by Mattapan's VIP Coordinator Arthur Kitty.

While the youth were excited to pick the color palette, it seemed like they were apprehensive when it came time to start painting. I appreciated the level of respect they had for all the work I had put in, but it was important that they know they work is their's too! I broke the ice by talking more about their intrinsic awesomeness for picking a color pallet made of shades of complimentary colors (red & green) and did a demo of my painting technique.

It wasn't long before they dived in and got the hang of it.

Stay tuned to see how things progress!